Epic Weather for MTB Racing

I’ve been procrastinating with this post…I’ll say it’s because it has taken this long for my hands to thaw from the wintery wonderland of racing in the snow in Canmore. [EDITED: After procrastinating so long I finally wrote up my report only to loose a bunch of it!]

Crazy June weather greeted us this fine June weekend in my favourite mountain town, as I’ve never seen this much snow for a race before.  The drive into Canmore morning of the race was even dicey.20120611-100741.jpg

Is this June or January?

Blender and I spent the whole morning at the venue debating if we should start or not.  Is it worth it?  It would be epic, but our bikes would be trashed and we’d risk getting sick for BCBR.  (BC Bike Race).  What to do what to do.


Amazing photo by John Gibson of Bunnin & Vine at the Iron Maiden XC

I decided to suit up, and with a last minute rush, I got my race kit on, zip tied my number plate, and headed to the start line.  Blender was wiser and sat this one out.


Blender warmed up for the Organ Grinder w/ some pre-race Rex-Kwon-Do


Descending the Organ Donor in the Organ Grinder (photo c/o Gabor Csonka)




Muddy Drivetrain


Muddy but Happy


I sort of felt like Peter’s dog after 44 kms of Canmore Mud