…Ah huh, Is This Thing On?

So, it’s been a while since I updated this blogamajigger so here I go.


Liesje and I sold our condo and we are in the process of building a house. Pretty exciting stuff. We had a pretty fast sale and moved out this past weekend with the help of the Sherman Brothers.


It’s important to keep your cheap labor well fed.


This was the well packed Uhaul


And an even better packed storage bin.  Evan used his mad Tetris skills to pack up all our stuff.


Even with Saturday’s move, I could pass up racing the Granny Gear XC hosted by Hardcore & Red Bike.  Since the forecast was for rain in the afternoon I figured it was a good idea to ride the Wagon Wheel SS.


Turns out it was a pretty good idea in the peanut butter Terwillegar mud.  No gears meant no worries.


A little kinesotape sure leaves an interesting moasic.


This took me forever to clean up.


I just plugged away at my own pace in my own gear and ended up in 3rd place.  My best finish yet in the Elite Category!  It sure is nice to have a good ride, and a good result.  Now I’m motivated to keep it up and build to good form for XC Nationals in Canmore.  Next weekend is an XC at Canada Olympic Park and the forecast is down right ugly, just how I like it!

Do I have dirt in my teeth?