Mike & Mike Do TransRockies 2010

BikeAlberta’s own Mike Sarnecki (yup that’s me) has teamed up with Mike Blennerhassett of Hardcore Racing to compete at Team Pedal at the 2010 TransRockies.  (Okay, no more referring to myself in the third person – I’m not Jimmy!)

So Mike & I are officially covering the TR by racing and writing as Team Pedal.  The official Pedal coverage website is [here]. We will be reporting on each day’s stage and you need to follow along for all of our in depth, behind the scenes, investigative reporting.

For the unofficial report, well to read more about how Mike & I are doing specifically, well, you can check it out here on BikeAlberta.

Here’s our bios:

TR 10 – Team Pedal

Mike Blennerhassett
Home: Edmonton, AB
Occupation: High School Woodworking Teacher
Specialties: Climbing, looking good, being fast, smelling niceThis is Mike’s first TransRockies and boy is he pumped. With a successful XC racing season almost drawing to a close the TransRockies is the perfect finish. As part of Team Pedal with Mike Sarnecki, Mike B looks to have a consistent race a finish strong. The duo will be racing on the laser like Titus Xs and will be looking to make some heads turn especially when the going gets tough. Blennerhassett has been racing for about six years and has competed in national and provincial events for road, cyclocross with his focus being the mountain bike. Mike is also the club president of Hardcore Cycling and he organizes races locally in Edmonton.

When Blennerhassett is not out riding the awesome Edmonton single track he can be found honing his woodworking skills, cooking on the BBQ (year round) or deciding which bike to get next.

Mike Sarnecki
AKA: Sarns
Home: Champion City, Alberta
Occupation: Insurance by day, crime fighter by night
Specialties: Shredding singletrack, busting kneecap, finding an app for that.This is the first entry into MTB epic stage racing for Sarnecki after racing competitively for the last 10 years focusing on provincial MTB and cyclocross events. Coming off a serious injury in early 2009 where Mike shattered his kneecap playing hockey, he is now back to 100% and is ready for the challenge ahead.

Not only does Sarnecki work full time and train for racing, but he is heavily involved in the Alberta and Canadian cycling scenes. Mike is a major part of the club which organizes the Edmonton Canada Cup and as a board member of the Canadian Cycling Association, Sarnecki has spearheaded the Race Clean Own Your Victory anti-doping campaign, while at the same time, assisted in managing the insurance needs of the CCA.

The TransRockies is returning to its origins in 2010 with a brand new route from Fernie to Canmore via the most spectacular scenery and single track in the west. “With the TransRockies returning to Alberta I figured I had no excuse not to race this year as I’m super excited to tear it up on these sweet trails in my home province of Alberta. That, and I hear the riding in Fernie isn’t too shabby either”.

When not on the bike or doing something related to cycling, Mike spends his time hanging out with his wife Liesje and two little white dogs Berkley and Bella.

Day zero and we’re bunker’d down in the Raging Elk Hostel w/ buddies Josh & Todd (Team 1ohr Battery) getting ready for the big bang of tomorrow’s Time Trial stage.  Due to the nature of the sweet singletrack, teams and TR3 soloists will go off in one minute intervals in order to avoid any bottlenecking.  Should be good.  Solid 500m climb greats us only a few clicks into the stage.
Thanks to my excellent co-worker Scotty Mac for shuttling us down to Fernie for our start.  Hopefully he made it back to Edmont0n in one piece.  It’s a lot of driving and we all (Mike, Josh, Todd & I) appreciate his help.
Now the stress of packing the single duffel bag is gone now that the great boys at United Cycle are helping me out with my packing problem and are willing to transport around an extra bag or two for me.
Weather is good.  Course is good.  We are good to go.
Later Skaters,
P.S. Brad Chisholm needs to buy dog food for his dog so someone please by his XTR’d Norco.