Ovalized Cross Racing (Photos Updated)

This past weekend was one not to be missed out on as Calgary was the place to be for ‘cross racing in Alberta. Saturday night featured the Dark Knight ‘cross race and Sunday was the daylight version of the race, AKA the Oval ‘Cross.

The atmosphere was buzzin’ for the 2nd annual Dark Knight. I was impressed at the 65 Novice racers pinning on a number and taking a go at ‘cross in the dark. It was crazy to see so many racers on this very off camber, swtichbacky course. It was awesome to see.


Elivs made a special appearance in the “A” race, however a broken chain ruined his evening early after being well positioned in the first lap. This disappoint send poor ol’ Elivs into a shame spiral. Overeating a an effect of such a shame spiral so Elivs instantly packed on the pounds and morphed into Fat Elvis. Well at least he won a prize for best ‘glow’ costume. I think it was the sparkly eagle on his chest.


So after a few beers and a late bedtime, Sunday morning brought snow, cold, a little mud, and a lot of slick. Finally, a non fast, dry, & hard race…we raced in the mud! This was awesome for me as I pride myself as a bit of a technical rider. We’re not talking Dr. Smooth levels mind you, but I can definitely hold my own. Well my mad skillz seemed to be doing the trick as I worked my way up into the talented pool know as Alberta’s Top Ten. Mid race, I started see sawing with Paul Tickler, The Fitness. I’d use my technique, The Skillz, on the tricky slick sections, and he’d use that olympic fitness to pull me back / get away. Unfortunately, as the race went on and conditions dried up, my skillz became less and less of an advantage and slowly The Fitness pulled away.

I use these terms The Skills & The Fitness ’cause that’s what I heard while battling it out with Paul from the sidelines. I’m glad our battle was entertaining to the spectators. Sorry guys, I couldn’t quite pull one out for the Skillz team.

At the end, I held on for 7th on the day – a big difference from my Hop & Hurl result of 2nd last! So obviously I’m pretty stoked. I had a fun day of bicycle competition and I’m super happy with my result. And glad to that my top secret trick wheel / tire set up made such a big difference.

Thanks to Liesje for the cheers and to everyone else who were able to express their suprise to me that I was up so far, and then go on to encourage me to keep it on. It made me give a suffer smile!


Is Elvis really dead?

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