Not Firing on All Cylinders

That’s pretty much sums up how my first ‘cross race back since my blown up kneecap went.  I felt okay but clearly did not have the leg speed to keep up with the group(s).

hop n hurl 1

I guess starting in the back doesn’t help that much either.  But I was riding with guys for the 1st lap and slowly started to fade out…like my engine wasn’t quite getting the fuel throttle I thought I was layin’ down.  I suppose that’s what happens when you spend 5 days in Vegas walking around looking at bike goodies.  That and drinking beer in the street.

But I will not give up just quite yet, giver another week of training and hit up some sweet races near the Oval down in Cowtown.  Should be a pretty good time.  Eddie G is spending a bunch of $$ to put on a great show/sporting event, so I’m going to be sure to not miss a minute of it.  I’m shooting for Costume Podium – top step.  I’ve got some sweet threads to sport during the Dark Knight and I’m pretty pumped about that.

hop n hurl 3

At least I was able to rail the sandpit while Bradley was there to take my photog…

hop n hurl 2

Does this skinsuit make me look fat?…(kinda a little)