Time to Get Outside

The weather is great, the bike is ready, the healing knee bends enough; it’s time to head outside.

I’ve been dreaming of this day ever since I spent that first night in the hospital after my busted kneecap accident.  Earlier this morning I finally finished up me beloved 2×9 set up.  I like to run a 42T meat cutter chased by a 30T little ring on a 94 BCD bolt pattern.  I find it is a nice balanced gear ratio for my riding.  I have the same set up on my Blur, but my Gary Fisher frame has been a pain to get the same set up (fat chain stays).  But finally, after a bit of grinding to the big ring, I got it to fit.  Now hopefully it works in real time!  One of life’s little victories.

Lately it seems I’ve been discovering lots of cool things, ideas, etc, which has injected 100 cc’s of positivity into my already positive system.  I found out that all the World Cup XCO races are on the internet live – awesome.  Same goes for Pro Tour races – live on the internet – awesome again.  But there is too many things to blab about here but let’s just say when I told Bella all about it she thought it was pretty rad:

Is it cool to wear full on lycra even if you are going slow?


Skinny Leg Syndrome

I’ve got a bad case of it. Here’s why:

Surgery + 6 weeks of inactivity = 1 skinny whimp leg.

Resolution: Time + Rehab + Pain = Not skinny leg.

So as you can see, like with many things, I’ve become a little impatient with my recovery. But luckily I’m 30 now so I have a bit of wisdom to draw on and I can realize to my self that this is a long haul so id bettet buckle up and settle in.

I figure I’m close to riding my road bike outside but far from shreddin’ the trails. I’ll take it for now! I hope to be spinnin’ the wheels soon which helps me to keep on going.

Trainer pic:

Berkley is my Co-Pilot

The swelling will eventually stop – right?


Helmet Cam Test #1

While I’m still relegated to riding indoors on the trainer, the weather was nice enough yesterday for some good road miles.  The boys took along the helmet cam and here’s the result.

Does the wide angle make me look fat?


Patella Rehab

Here is a short vid of one of my rides on the trainer during the first week of my recover from a shattered left patella. I was playing around with iMovie ’09 too…

Now time to get back on that trainer!

I wonder how long I will have to wait before I ride outside?