Road Tripin’

Liesje and I joined forces with the Dave-Kristie tandem and headed down to snowy Cowtown to suprise Stef – her birthday is coming up so we unexpectedly became house guests for the weekend.  It was a pretty fun weekend of not doing much, and like many times before, this trip down to Calgary included a bike on the roof rack.  You see, I’m 100% committed to getting back to normal physical condition so I brought down my ‘cross bike so I wouldn’t miss any rehab workouts.  By borrowing Josh’s trainer, I managed to get some good spinning in.  I was feelin’ pretty good – enough so to start pushing a bit on the pedals – enough to break a sweat.


One weird tidbit about riding the trainer right now is that I can’t stand to pedal.  You see, I just don’t have the strength yet to push my left leg over-the-top so what happens is that I kind of come to a dead stop.  Really it’s a strange sensation.  So I figure this is a safe measure as to when I’m allowed to start riding outside.  Once I can comfortably and effectively stand to pedal will I allow myself to ride outside.  Can’t wait.

I’m happy to say that my leg is definitely stronger than one week ago (when I began rehabbing it) and I’m motivated to keep it going.  Hopefully my short term disability paperwork have been taken care of and I can start being a contributing member of society by going back to work….yeah, weird hey, I want to go back to work for work’s sake.


Quelf Scarf Neck Tie

Boys and girls took separate shopping trips on Saturday – us boys went for bikes & guitars.  We checked our Bow Cycle’s big sale then hit up a couple of guitar shops.  Good theraputic dude time.  Nothing like a rousing game of Quelf to throw your inhibitions aside (except for lipstick wearing…)

So, one successful road trip down means I’m one step closer to a normal life.  As each day goes by, I feel more and more normal; something to celebrate foresure.


I wonder how many times I’m going to be informed that I now have matching scars?



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