2008 Provincial Championships

Last weekend was my last MTB race of the year, the last MTB race I’ve organized with Evan as well for 2008. After spending most of Saturday marking and preparing the course, I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond but I was coming off an exceptional race in Hinton on the previous Sunday, so I had reason to hope for a strong performance.

I intended to race Master Ex but Roddi didn’t let me – much like he didn’t let many of the Master Ex’s so we all raced Elite…here we go!

The start was great, as I was on Heemer’s wheel thru the first section of the course. Right up to the top of Mt. Rooty. The only reason I dropped off his wheel was because of a super huge “ghost shift”. For one reason or another, I slipped my chain, which made me slip out of my pedal, bashing my calf on my chainring. I have a nice temporary chainring tattoo now as a souvenir.

After a late opening lap crash, I managed to gather myself and paced to 7th place overall. Devin made a last lap charge at me, passing me on the fire road climb leading into Fireman’s Trail but I managed to pull him back thru Fireman’s and re claimed my 7th spot on the flat just before the 2nd road crossing.

I”m very happy to finish with my best Elite provincial championship place to date.  Definitely a positive sign as I start to prepare for cyclocross.


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