The Power of the ‘Stache

This post is way over due. My tardiness can be excused for many various reasons – BikeAlberta, Race Organizer for 4 MTB races, 2 dogs, etc…etc.

Well it’s been a busy summer but instead of filling you in on what I did I’ll just start from now – and last weekend was the Moustache Madness XC race in HInton, AB.

What a great venue! As a race organizer, all I can see is potential at the Hinton Nordic Centre. It is a great place for a MTB festival that’s foresure. We’ll be doing some serious brainstorming for next year that’s guaranteed.

So about the race, due to a small field there was a mass start straight up one of many long climbs on the 9.5 km course. Originally, the loop was to be only 5.5 k’s but upon convincing from Evan and I, Mr. Wallace agreed to extend the lap to include a 6.5 min downhill followed by a long grinding quad track climb. I had great legs on Sunday. I felt like I could keep going and going and that I could keep shifting down a gear on all the climbs. Even though I’ve been racing the Expert category (for the same reasons as why I haven’t updated my website for so long) I managed to work my way to a virtual 3rd in Elite – 1st place in Expert. It was a great feeling to win again. More important was the way I felt during the race as this type of effort is why I love racing so much.

So next weekend is provincials and the Master Expert category is going to be hotly contested. Hopefully my performance wasn’t just because of the power of the ‘stache but rather the fact that my fitness is returning.



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