March is Here

Horray, March is no longer on its way…it’s here.  Which means spring is just around the corner.  Saturday of last weekend was quite nice as I managed to get out for a solo road ride.  It felt really nice to spin the legs on the tarmack.

So the Alberta election was tonight and for the 11th consecutive time the Conservatives, or PC’s have been elected to a majority government.  K, get ready here comes my two cents.  Basically, I think the Liberals just did not communicate to the voting public that they were a vivable alternative to the PC’s to lead Alberta.  Running on a platform of “we [Alberta] needs a change” just doesn’t cut it.  Not everyone agrees with the decisions Steady Eddie and his party makes (Royalties, Healthcare, Education, Insurance, etc) but at least they make the decisions.  I don’t think the general public believed that the Grits could make a decision, so they got spanked in the election…again, it’s my two cents, take it for what its worth.  Aren’t you glad to be in Alberta now Scotty!

So I have a major scoop here to lead on that’s going to rock the Alberta Cycling scene.  Shortly this week it will be announced that there is a new online source for everything cycling in Alberta:  Check it out!

Livin’ in a Province of blue,





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