Spring is in the Air

Sure is, but I’ve lived in Alberta for too long to now that this milder weather will be short lived. But one thing is foresure, spring is coming and the snow is going…

…my hopes may be dashed tomorrow though as snow is forecasted for Tuesday. Well, it looks like it will be messy wet snow as the high is +3C. Should be interesting. I’m still spending a significant amount of time in the gym and I’m really beginning to crave some nice road riding.

ABA Scott may have discovered something pretty cool – a new site for MTBing in the city. We’ll see what develops as we’ll have to scout out the property. Any sort of potential for new trails to ride in Edmonton is exciting.

Rain or Shine or Snow,


I’m Back…From the 1st Road Ride of the Year

Well, I’m going to give this blogging thing another go round. As you have noticed, I haven’t posting anything in a while. But now I’m back! Part of the reason to blog again is because Liesje and I made the switch to a Mac. What a beautiful machine…I truely think I will never own a PC again 🙂

I just rolled in from my first road ride of the year. I did good ol’ City Loop on the Breakaway. Sections were nice and dry pavement, while others were ice ice baby. It’s nice to get out and spin on the road anyways. I’m all inspired by the HUGE internet coverage the Tour of California is getting. That race is getting big. So big that I’d think it would be pretty cool to head to Cali next February to catch some high level race action.

I made a $12 investment in some new “spring” training tires for the Breakaway. These $6 specials are beefy wide to handle the grit and snow; who cares if your going slow – it’s good training.

Ride On,