Home Sweet Home

Whew…it is nice to be home, so nice in fact that more than a week has gone by since my last update so here’s what has been going on since I arrived home:

Jet Lag Recovering – I spent the week overcoming the subtle effects of jet lag. 

Dog walking – Liesje and I have been walking our 2 dogs pretty much every day, which is lots of fun and really enjoyable and relaxing.

Bike Racing – I did the Devon cross country race on Sunday.  It was a really good day for the race however conditions were not perfect for me.  I started really well (not too hard, not too soft) and was confortably riding in a group of 3 sitting in 3rd, 4th, 5th position for the first 2 laps.  I was thinking “wow, I feel really good – all that racing in Europe made me faster”.  Great – this is going to be a good race…..but unfortunately, my tires were loosing air and became too soft to ride the downhills with any speed (you know when your tires are too low when you feel them “roll” around the corners).  Okay, no problem, I’ll just use my CO2 to put some pressure in them and chase back to that group I was riding in.  Nope – not my luck today…my CO2 trigger was broken.  The little needle inside the head that punctures the canister was broken so I could not get any air.  Crap – DNF.  Live and learn…

Birthday Celebrating – Liesje’s birthday was on May 28 so we had a couple of get togethers to celebrate.  First with some friends on Friday at Da Capo, second with Liejse’s parents for a nice home cooked dinner, and Monday a nice evening dinning out, just the two of us.

Giro d’Italia Watching – I ordered RAI for $2.50 for the month so I can watch the Giro everyday and learn Italian.  The Italian broadcasters sure make it sound like something really exciting is happening – all the time!

So, that’s about it. 

Ciao (that’s all the Italian I know so far),


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