Packing Up

Today was my last full day in Brunssum as I am heading to Apeldoorn for the final race of my European trip.  Tim and I did a nice ride in the sunshine, yes sunshine, then traveled by car to a nearby town for the finish of the 2nd to last stage of the Olympia’s Tour.  It is pretty much the largest stage race for the Netherlands for amature racers.  It was pretty cool to see.

 My camera went missing for a few days as I had left it in Dennis’ car.  Little 4 yr old Anne, Tim’s niece, figured out how to use it and started to practice her photography skills.  I had to laugh foresure!

It was really nice that the Heemskerk’s invited me into their lovely home especially with less than ideal circumstances.  I am happy I got to meet Tim’s brother Dennis and the Children Thijs and Anne.

Tot Ziens,



2 thoughts on “Packing Up

  1. MIKE, please bring me back one of those!!!!! My god, that ‘linzen abrikozen gebakje’ looks so tasty!!

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