The last couple of days have pretty much been the same – rain in the morning as we sit around the house waiting for it to let up enought to go training on the bike and then hoping it doesn’t start pouring again while we are out riding.

Yesterday I went w/ Eric the Mechanic for a nice long ride into Belgium.  Unfortunately due to all the rain earlier in the day there was a lot of crap on the roads so I flatted…3 times!  Good think there was a bike shop 2 kms away from my second flat because it would have been a long walk home.

 Right now I’m pretty tired from training today.  I “motopaced” behind Tim on my MTB as he did some thresholds and some other secret intervals.  Later in the evening we snuck out for a nice MTB ride in the forest and my legs were definitely feeling the effects from the afternoon.  I can barely type I’m so tired.

So, that is pretty much it.  Nothing too exciting to report.  From what I hear Quebec and Holland are dualing it out for who can rain the most.

Time to Recover,


 MTBing in the Forest:

Tim Racing on the Track on Tuesday:

The church I have ridden by many times this trip while doing intervals:


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