Another Tissue?

I got caught riding in the rain – again.  Torrential downpour would be a better description.  At least the rain does not chill you to the bone as a rainstorm at home in Edmonton.

I’m fighting of a wicked runny nose and I’m feeling a bit under the weather.  My only relief from my nose is when I’m on the bike!  Hopefully this nose stuff will go away soon so I can enjoy my trip to the fullest.

Tomorrow’s race is sure to be of epic proportions as the course is apparently really MUDDY.  So muddy you need to make like a Kenyan running star and run up and down the hills.  What better way to spend a Sunday in Belgium than pushing my bike through thick peanut butter mud.  We’ll see how it goes.

On Friday Tim took me to Maastricht.  It is a very cool city that’s foresure as there is a lot of character in the streets and architecture.  Tim and I found this really nice Italian style cafe where we enjoyed a pretty good cappo.  Click on my flickr link down on the right to see some more photos.

Okay, off to try to sleep as my nose runs like Niagra,



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