Velo Bella!

Today was one to remember. 

Nothing like starting the day with a Da Capo cappuccino then having a nice MTB ride.  My legs didn’t feel super, probably due to the thresholds performed yesterday evening.  Also kind of putting a small downer on the ride was the fact that 1. I couldn’t decide what line to take, 2. I was thinking “he he – Evan is behind me, & 3. way to many PSI in the tires caused me to be bucked off line as we hit the singletrack below the university sending me straight into a tree.  Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark – and it did!  My shoulder is a little sore but I’ll be okay…I didn’t let this close encounter with the tree ruin the day.

Sunday was also the first MTB ride for the girls and there club.  It sounds like much fun was had, including a little crashing too.  We had excellent timing as our 3 hr MTB ride ended at Da Capo just after the girls arrived so I was able to score some good Gellato from Liesje.

Spoke with Roddi tonight – he was 13th in a race where your finishing group was pretty much selected 20 mins into the race as there was no technical element to the race plus a pretty strong headwind.  Therefore due to drafting,  if you stuck with a group then that’s where you finished.  There was no “bridging up” to the group ahead of you.  So, I would say 13th is a pretty solid finish given the situation.  Apparently Raw-dog has a 6 hr commute to the next NMBS location tonight so you can expect to see an entertaining post of his race experience sometime tomorrow at  If you haven’t checked out his new blog I recommend you do as it’s not too late.

Some may think Liejse and I are crazy (heck maybe we are) but we got a new dog today.  The newest edition to our pack is little Bella.  She is a cute 1.5 lbs – all Maltese.  Her personality is quite different from Berkley as she is pretty laid back and cuddly…for now anyways.  Let the sleepless nights begin!  (well until I go to Europe on Wednesday – then it’s all up to Liesje).  We have always wanted to get another puppy but we didn’t know we were allowed to in the Condo until recently so why not eh?

Trees are very solid,






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