Mike in Tow

Man what a busy day today. 

In between work and a Condo board meeting I managed to squeeze a couple of hours of training in today.  My trusty training partners today were Liesje and Evan.  Man, is Liesje ever motivated to get fast this year.  She’s beginning to ride quite often and she is going to get strong.  She says she wants to look good pool side in Vegas for her good friend’s wedding, but I think she wants to secretly train so she can tear the legs off the other girls in her bike club….Go Liesje Go…for whatever reason!

After a couple of thresholds on the grass w/ Liesje on the pavement beside me, Evan showed up on his fancy road bike.  Interestingly enough, the effort required to stay in Evan’s threshold draft on a MTB was pretty much the correct pace for my intervals, so Evan graciously towed me around Hawrelak Park….weeee!

I must rest now, I have a date with a hammer drill and a mean piece of concrete tomorrow,


3 thoughts on “Mike in Tow

  1. Ey Mike,

    I’m not your coach BUT making pictures of your new shoes in a “training session” ????
    You’d better leave that camera home and start riding because it is not long before you come over here and race some serious races….
    I hope Evan put a bit of hurt on you.


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