Tim’s House of Suffer

Today marked my first sport performance test of 2007.  Pretty much every racer I know does not like doing this maximal effort test – and really who could blame them.  Today, I think I saw my HR at my max of 195 bpm for almost two minutes!

But overall my test went well but I will have to wait for the final analysis to gauge how my fitness is at this point in the year, but I think it’s good.  Good for an athlete who also works full time all week that is.

This was the first time that the test was performed on my by Tim and I was impressed w/ his skill.  He’s very good at drawing blood!

Here’s some photos from today.  Debby made a video too so I’ll see if I can get my hands on it and post it up.

Can someone pass me a towel?




River Valley Cycle

Today I am proud to announce that River Valley Cycle has come on board as my bike shop sponsor for the 2007 season.  I am excited about this new opportunity and I’m pumped to work again with an old friend – Syd J.

We have some exciting things planned and I’m really happy to have RVC as a sponsor.  They are super amped about my cancer fundraiser (details coming soon, I promise) and I look forward to this new relationship.


Powered by RVC,


Fat Tuesday

 Happy Mardi Gras everyone.

Well Fat Tuesday refers to the the last day before lent – which always begins with Ash Wednesday.  So for lent this year I’m going to give up pop; it’s going to be hard because I’ve been drinking a lot lately.

I was just looking at my Canmore photos and made this observation.  Looks like Berkley and Tim are on the same plyometrics program:

Later Gaters,


I ♥ Canmore

Berkley and I have just returned from a nice long weekend getaway to Canmore (Liesje is off experiencing communism in the 1st person).  It was a really good time with really great friends and perfect mountain winter weather; plus lots of cappuccinos!

I mananged to sneak in a couple of rides in between visits to the coffee shop and did a lot of walking with the B-dog.  She is pretty exhausted from the mountain air because she hasn’t moved from being laid out on the floor since we got home.

I learned something this weekend too.  Apparently The Netherlands gets icy from time to time so Dutchies do know how to drive in winter – who knew!

Photos from the weekend can be viewed here:


Now I have to get back to the insurance books – it’s study time.






Goggles Pizano

Stepping back and looking at today, I do think we (we being the guys on the ride today) are a bit crazy…crazy to the general public that’s foresure.  Doing a 3 hr MTB ride outside in -17C temperatures is pretty crazy to a non-racer.  But, it does show our dedication and determination to our sport and our own individual performances.  Like Heemer says, “it separates the boys from the men”.

My answer to the elements today was to dress as “Goggles Pizano”!  Everyone laughed at me today when I showed up today like this:

 but I didn’t care – I was warm – for the full 3 hrs.

Today marked the first of many future group rides beginning from DaCapo.  It is not officially open but that hasn’t stopped the esspresso from running free (which is why our ride did not start on time).

Mid ride called for a toe warming stair session, with Roddi impressing some on-lookers with his own interpretation of “running stairs”. 


So, another long endurance ride in the books and another weekend of winter has passed by. 

More photos from today can be viewed here:


Goggles Away!


Dancin’ Mullet Man

So, every Tuesday and Thursday for the last 3 months I have been visiting the Kinsmen Sports Centre to workout.  More often then not, there is the Dancing Mullet Man working out at the same time.  Apparently, that guy is there day or night as Brys can attest.  You can’t help but laugh when you see this guy, decked out in tights with a matching fanny pack rockin’ out to G’nR (Seriously, I heard him singing in the locker room today – “just a little patience…..yeahhhhhh”), dancin’ and prancin’ around the gym, contorting his body in the wierdest ways while wearing a grin – ear to ear. 

The best though, happend today and I missed it but Liesje was lucky enough to hear first hand.  As Liesje entered the gym, Dancin’ Mullet Man was going the other way – right in front of the desk.  Well, the girl working at the desk asked the Dancin’ Mullet Man “how are you today” and he response: “Great…..I’m ready to party!!!”  I laughed so hard when Liesje told me this….actually, I’m still laughing now and all of you who have seen this guy know what I’m talking about.  Dancin’ Mullet Man has a lot of “party in the back”.

One thing though, you got to admire the guy, ’cause no matter what, he’s rockin’ in the gym, livin’ his life to the fullest – truely happy.  If only we all could be as happy to live life like the Dancin’ Mullet Man.

So next time your in the gym, try lifting weights like a chicken while flashing a smile,

Business in the front; party in the back,



“When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realized that the Lord doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.” — Emo Philips, comedian

Superbowl Sunday

One more winter weekend of training completed, one less to go.  Today was another 3+ hr ride out in the freshly snow covered trails.  For a while, I thought I’d be riding alone as my crank arm fell off (I just “tightened” yesterday) but I managed to get it back on nice and tight and re joined the group – which made the slog in the snow more enjoyable foresure.  Lesson learned – next time I’ll be sure to use that fancy torque wrench in my tool box.

TTP has started it’s very own forum – man what a great idea….great minds think a like I guess.  If you want to participate you’d better play nice.  You can access the forum at www.timheemskerk.com.

Liesje starts work tomorrow – man I don’t know how she’s going to get up.  She is used to sleeping ’till 9!

 The early bird gets the worm,


P.S. Oh yeah, I think the Colts won.


Winter Riding can be Fun

 With the right attitude, right clothing, right gadgets, and right training partners, a winter training ride can be enjoyable – even at 15 degrees below zero.  Here is an interesting idea – from thepaceline.com: Remember the axiom “It’s better to have and not want, than want and not have” – especially when riding in bad weather.

Antonio took the first ride on his new Giant Anthem 0.  It’s a pretty sweet ride and I think even if it was -30C Antonio would still be out there riding with that perma-grin across his face.

So the latest crazy that I’m on now is audiobooks.  I’m suprised how much information I can take in  by listening to a book on my iPod as I consider myself more of a visual learner.  I’ve listen to 3 books in 3 weeks so far – just by ten minutes at a time – back and forth on the train to work.  Cool eh.

For those of you who do not know our good news yet, Liesje has accepted a permanent position at Atco Gas as a Market Analysis.  She starts on Monday and she is very excited.  We just got back from West Ed shopping for “work” cloths.

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow so I’d better go put so knobby’s on – the semi-slicks just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore – there’s too much snow on the singletrack.

Keep your toes warm,