Crazy World Cyclocross Championships

Wow, what a crazy crash filled race.  Pretty much everyone from what I’ve read crashed more than once during the hour long race.  Tim emailed me the link to this – check out the video of the race – the three Belgian guys who crash are arguably the top 3 in the world.


Try to stay upright,


Worth the Wait

Hey Guys and Gals,

I had a sneak peak at DaCapo Caffe the other day with Tim.  Trust me, it’s going to be way more than worth the wait!  Unbelieveable coffee in a super cool caffe.  Every detail had been painstakenly considered by Antonio.  This is going to be easily the best caffe in Canada. 

I can’t wait to enjoy excellent esspresso from Dacapo Beans only days old…now that’s fresh.

Dacapo Caffe….coming soon.

-Mike (Barrista Wanabee)

I’m So Rested?

This Sunday marks the end of my first rest week of 2007 – man did I need it. 

I rode with the boys on Saturday, outside for the first time for about a week and a half and man, did it ever show.  I was all over the trail and I couldn’t keep a straight line anywhere.  This demonstrates what happens when you ride the trainer too much that’s forsure.

Yesterday I booked my flight to Arizona and today I arranged the condo.  I’m joining a few guys to travel down for a week of training and race the 1st NORBA of the season.  For those of you who are not aware, the NORBA races are the biggest races in the USA.  I’m looking forward to it.  It’s always so fun to make travel arrangements. 

I made the mistake of thinking I would catch a high stick in the face today during my hockey game.  Sure enough, I got a stick right in the kisser.  This team was brutally bad w/ their sticks.  It just goes to show you that your thoughts do come true, so make sure they are good ones.  Don’t worry mom, I’m fine, just a little swollen lip that’s all.

I wonder how sunny Florida or Arizona is right now,


Jedi Apprentice

Another winter Sunday means another training ride in the snow.  Since my legs were pretty slammed from only one day off from training this week (Monday) I didn’t have much “go” in the legs, but I still managed to spin out nearly 3 hrs of MTBing with all my TTP buddies.  We were greeted this morning with a dusting of snow – just enough to make the trails more interesting….I saw Rodeo Roddi go down again as he tried to take Evan inside on a corner.

Tomorrow marks the return of my flexible work arrangements schedule, so if you’re wondering where Mike is at 7:30 tomorrow morning, rest assured I will be working away at my desk, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I’ve been working on my Jedi skills, as I did some mind reading today – “how’d you know that!”

May the force be with you,

-Anakin Sarnecki

Cruisin' on River Valley Road

Miraculous Comeback

I just got home from a movie and I’m waiting for Berkley to eat her food (she doesn’t seem to eat when we leave her alone), then we can take her for a midnight walk.  Last night, she kept us awake all night with her little whimpers because she wanted to be up all night because we left her alone that evening.  So tonight, we’re going to go for a walk before bed to calm her down and burn off some energy.

Roddi unveiled his bike today – painted GOLD.  Jiffy-marked into the top tube is “Miraculous Comeback”, which is what he’s working on this off season.  This guy is so dedicated to returning to his high level that he is driving back from Jasper after his hockey game (he plays goal) to arrive home at 4 am just so he can be at the training ride tomorrow.

Photos from today are here:

Miracles do happen,


2007 Hungry Hungry Hippo Champion!!!

What a way to ring in the new year than celebrating a Hungry Hungry Hippo championship.  I will explain later…

My New Year’s celebration for 2007 was a lot of fun, filled with good times with family and friends, coupled with some “mini” epic training rides.

Saturday night my parents treated my and my bros to a wonderful pre New Years Eve dinner.  Growing up we would always have a fancy dinner with the good china on New Years Eve, and this year, we did it one day earlier.  It was really nice to be with family playing games, watching hockey, and enjoying movies.

The TTP training ride on Sunday was of “mini” epic proportions as we covered a lot of the fun trails in the west of the city, including Dave Whitten trail, the golf course trail, and 23rd ave.  I even caught a rare glimpse of a Lega Crash…good thing the dog walker slowed him down earlier otherwise…

New Years Eve for Liesje and I was split between two parties.  First we enjoyed some Fooseball and board games at the Royer Residence, which also included a bit of play time with little Jenna – what a cutie.  The second shift of New Year’s festivities was at the Lega residence.  I enjoyed my first Roddi Cappuccino and competed in the 1st Hungry Hungry Hippo tournament.  During the round robbin, I struggled to find my form, and ended up seeded #11, barely making it into the playoffs.  But like a true champion, I found my groove and my mental strength and my hippo skills propelled me through the quarter, semi, and final rounds to be crowned 2007 Hungry Hungry Hippo Champion!!!  It was a nail-biter of a finish as I battled with Tara’s friend Tessa – it came down to the last marble and I was victorious.  My prize, half a box of Mountain Crest beer!

The photo slide show is here: 

All the best in 2007,