This weekend was full of Christmas fun for me as I had my office Christmas party on Friday, the Sinterclaus party at the Heemskerk’s on Saturday, and some winter riding on Sunday.

The Sinterclaus party was a lot of fun with lots of laughs.  I’m amazed at how talented everyone is when it comes to writing poetry.  Especially when you rhyme “saint” with “taint”.

Sinterclaus was extra nice to me, check out my sweet slippers!


Berkley did not want to let Brys open his present…


There are some more Sinterclaus Photos here:

Sunday’s ride was super fun as we practiced our decending technique in Tewilligar Park – the decent by the bench with the whoop de whoops.  It was so hard to ride and so funny to watch others attempt to ride – except for Raw Dog who made it look so easy.   Unfortunately for Antonio, he had to learn the hard way why it is very important to carry your own tube, especially when you are the only one in the group on a ‘cross bike!  Was that a long walk Tony?!

Pictures from the ride can be found here:

 For some added fun, I video’d some of our riding on Sunday.  Warning – the “F” word gets used a bit ’cause it was a pretty steep & snowy decent.




Berkley Claus

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