Christmas Time

Christmas has come and gone so quickly – it seems like the holidays come so fast now.  Maybe that’s a sign that I’m not a kid anymore – but that doesn’t mean I can’t act like kid though!

It was really nice to spend some time with my family this holiday season – the 24th at my Mom & Dad’s and the 25th at Liesje’s parent’s house.  I think it is fair to say that everyone, including my parents, got spoiled this year.  It has been a good year foresure.  And of course, it wouldn’t be a Sarnecki Christmas without guns & knives…

More Christmas photos can be seen here:

 Training has been going really well so far, but it’s slow and steady as I come back from my hamstring injury.  I’m really enjoying riding my bike, even in sub zero temperatures.  Tim was right, as he suffered a difficult injury himself a few years ago, you do enjoy riding more after a long, frustrating injury like I had last season.

People, just because it is winter and there is snow on the trails doesn’t give you permission to let your dog poop anywhere, including right on the trail, and NOT pick it up…come on …the trails aren’t supposed to be a mine field.

Careful here,



This weekend was full of Christmas fun for me as I had my office Christmas party on Friday, the Sinterclaus party at the Heemskerk’s on Saturday, and some winter riding on Sunday.

The Sinterclaus party was a lot of fun with lots of laughs.  I’m amazed at how talented everyone is when it comes to writing poetry.  Especially when you rhyme “saint” with “taint”.

Sinterclaus was extra nice to me, check out my sweet slippers!


Berkley did not want to let Brys open his present…


There are some more Sinterclaus Photos here:

Sunday’s ride was super fun as we practiced our decending technique in Tewilligar Park – the decent by the bench with the whoop de whoops.  It was so hard to ride and so funny to watch others attempt to ride – except for Raw Dog who made it look so easy.   Unfortunately for Antonio, he had to learn the hard way why it is very important to carry your own tube, especially when you are the only one in the group on a ‘cross bike!  Was that a long walk Tony?!

Pictures from the ride can be found here:

 For some added fun, I video’d some of our riding on Sunday.  Warning – the “F” word gets used a bit ’cause it was a pretty steep & snowy decent.




Berkley Claus

Oilers 3 – Minnesota 1

I got wicked awesome tickets from work for the hockey game tonight – 12th row, club seats.  This was the first time Liesje watched an Oiler game from up close and she enjoyed it thoroughly.  We had to take in all the amenities that club seats provide so we watched the players come out of the dressing room and made use of the 15% discount at the Oilers Store [Tim I picked up a Ryan Smyth Jersey for your friend back in Holland]  It was close thru 2 periods but the Oil pulled it out w/ a 3 goal fury in the 3rd period.

 Go Oilers Go!


dsc02490.JPG dsc02493.JPG

dsc02499.JPG dsc02496.JPG


Flexible Working Arrangements

I’m lucky enough at work to be participating in a flexible working arrangement – I work a little extra each day in order to have Wednesday afternoon’s off to train.  Thus today I had a great 2hr MTB ride w/ Tim & Roddi.  Although I got dropped like a sac of hammers or a large bag of rocks numerous times it was still fun.  On further analysis I think it was all the knobbs on my tires slowing me down.

Tim taught me a new technique and Roddi gracefully demonstrated it for everyone – see the video.

Ice & snow makes me ride slow,


dsc02214.JPG  dsc02218.JPG  dsc02215.JPG

TTP Training Tip


Welcome to my New Site

Hello and welcome to my new and improved website.  Yeah, less advertising (and only promotion for good stuff – like dacapo!)

 Here you will be able to follow my racing progress as well as all my adventures with my family and friends along the way. 

Check out my new “Video” page as I will try to post cool shorts as much as I can.

Anyone can post a comment, as you do not need to be a member so please – let me know what you think.

Soon I will be posting information about my Cancer Research Fundraiser – 24 hrs Against Cancer.

Stay tuned,


Winter Wonderland

Today was a really fun TTP ride in the snow.  The temperature was okay and the company was great.  The deep snow made the single track very difficult to ride, ’cause if you steered off the beaten path, the soft snow ate you up forcing you to put a foot down or almost endo.  Good bike handling practice foresure.  Antonio decided to practice some ‘cross skills and shouldered his bike for the whole trail.  It took us 40 mins to get from Kinsmen to Hawelak! Good times today – I hope the winter training season is full of days like today.

Thanks for the ride guys,